“It’s Christmas every time you let God love others through you… every time you smile at your brother and offer him your hand.”

Quote from Mother Teresa


truck full of foodAs Christmas approaches we look forward to the sights and sounds of the season – the beautiful tree in the Church sanctuary, the special music and the Christmas Eve Candlelight services. It also brings back memories of gatherings with family and friends and the possibility of sharing special time with them again.

We have some Christmas traditions as many families do. One is putting the candles in each window in anticipation of the coming of the Christ child. The candles give off a special glow that speaks of peace and love during the Christmas season. Several years ago, we started a new tradition. We replaced gifts to some family members with donations to their chosen charities and they donated to some of ours. Our extended family has been blessed, and we want to share that with others less fortunate.

We also have a Christmas food tradition – my mother’s potato salad. She taught Jerry how to make it and no Christmas meal is complete without it. Having enough food each week is a challenge for some families. The food pantries that Trinity supports, Sherbourne and Welborne, have experienced an increased number of clients due to the impact of COVID. Trinity’s weekly donations make a significant impact on the ability to fill the increased need. Since Trinity began weekly collections, we have been supporting this effort as have others in the church family. It is something we can do to share our blessings and give a helping hand to those in need.

Jerry and Karen Williams

nativity in white cardboard on blue background

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