O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree, Your boughs can teach a lesson That constant faith and hope sublime Lend strength and comfort through all time. O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree, Your boughs can teach a lesson.


O Christmas Tree


decorating the sanctuary tree“Yea! We’re Going to Decorate the Christmas Tree. Christmas Is Coming”

What a thrilling time of anticipation for us all as we decorate our tree. Maybe friends or family members will help us do it. The sweet smell of the tree reminds us of outside winter. The glow of the twinkling lights shine warmth and brightness into the room. The ornaments may be homemade or may represent our trips or hobbies. There may even be a beautifully wrapped present with a big red bow under the tree.

Of all the secular Christmas decorations, the Christmas tree brings the hope and expectations of the upcoming season – family time, delicious food, no school and sharing gifts with loved ones. Like the warmth and hope our tree gives in anticipating Christmas, Advent offers anticipation for Christ to come into our lives daily and for him to come among us again.

As Christians, we celebrate Jesus’ birth at Christmas, but we know the big story is that he loves us and gives us a way to live with him eternally. Daily God (and Jesus) offer us comfort and grace. Sometimes we feel like we just had a hug from God! We have hope for our lives because Jesus taught us how to be good people and how to be his followers. We communicate with him through prayer to talk about anything. We feel that God is alive in us, needing us to work with him to shape us to be our best self.

So, this Christmas season, as you sit by your beautiful, twinkling Christmas tree, think of the hope, love, grace and comfort that God gives us every season. After all, God is the best present of all time!

Jan Reynolds

nativity in white cardboard on blue background

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