Oak Grove School Supply Delivery–Thank You!

Oak Grove School Supply Delivery–Thank You!

On August 31, we delivered 117 bags/boxes of donated school supplies to Oak Grove Elementary School. As the virtual school year came to an end last spring, the teachers gave us a list of items they knew they would need for their classrooms this fall. Through your incredible generosity, we were able to provide all the requested items! 

This year we had both our traditional red apples at the church and digital apples available for “picking”. There were more than 90 individuals and families, including members of the Swahili French congregation, who selected apples and donated supplies. 

Teachers have been working in the building this week organizing their classrooms and working on plans to welcome 600+ students back into the building next week. Last year was a totally virtual year for Oak Grove and next week will be the first time since the early spring of 2020 that students will be in the building. 

The staff and teachers know that this will be a challenging year. The pandemic continues to ravage the community, Oak Grove students are not old enough to receive the vaccine, and students are well below grade level academically. 

While we have traditionally volunteered in the building, providing weekly tutors, classroom aides, and reading buddies, we will not be able to volunteer inside the building during the academic day at least as the school year begins. We will let you know when this changes and of the opportunities available. 

Bob Argabright, however, will continue his fantastic work in Bellemeade Park and with his Saturday Academy. Bob welcomes volunteers and can be reached at 804-310-1080 or at rargabright@me.com if you are interested in finding ways to help in his programs.

John Wesley’s belief that education is an essential aspect of salvation inspired early Methodists and continues to inspire us today as we strive to make a difference in the lives of our students. The window of time to help elementary students succeed is narrow and success in achieving academic goals during elementary school years can help change the compass of a child’s life. Trinity has partnered with Oak Grove Elementary since 2004 and we have been able to follow the success of our students through high school, college, and beyond!

Thank you for your overwhelming generosity and for being a part of such a wonderfully caring faith community. 

                                                      Written by: Karen Adams for the Oak Grove Team

Serve Locally

Our Trinity IN Richmond program connects Trinity with the local community through ministries of service, advocacy, and presence. For information about how to get involved, please contact Rev. Drew Willson dwillson@trinityumc.net, Associate Pastor, 804-288-6057 ext. 205.

Called Up!
The mission of Called Up! is to connect teenagers who previously attended Oak Grove-Bellemeade Elementary School with opportunities to serve others.

CARITAS (Congregations Around Richmond Involved To Assure Shelter)


For two weeks each spring, Trinity hosts God’s children in need of shelter. Opportunities for service include joining others to prepare and serve a meal, visiting with our guests, and helping with laundry.

Central UMC Kids’ Club and Teen Group
We support these ministries by providing dinner on Sunday afternoons as well as a ministry of presence.

CrossOver Healthcare Ministry
Our members serve at CrossOver, a free healthcare clinic with two locations in Metropolitan Richmond that provides services to thousands of patients each year.

Micah Initiative at Oak Grove-Bellemeade Elementary School
The Micah Initiative is a partnership program between faith communities in Metropolitan Richmond and Richmond Public Schools. Our members are engaged in a myriad of ways at Oak Grove-Bellemeade Elementary School, ranging from those who volunteer at the school multiple times each week to others who may help on a monthly or annual basis.

Oak Grove-Bellemeade Community
We engage in ministries of advocacy and presence with the residents and leaders of the Oak Grove-Bellemeade community.

Shalom Farms
On the second Saturday of each month, volunteers of all ages spend the morning at work on the farm in order to provide fresh produce to low-income neighborhoods in Richmond.

Sherbourne UMC Food Pantry
We emphasize food collection on Communion Sundays (the first Sunday of each month) to support this ministry. Donations of non-perishable food items can be delivered to Mission Central.

Our members serve and partner with the UMFS community.


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Pastor’s Corner February

Pastor’s Corner February

computer on table with note that says update

It occurred to me recently that some of you might feel that the church is constantly asking you for money. The reason for that is because the church actually is constantly asking you for money. Consider: Trinity just raised over $33,000 for United Methodist Family Services, and thank you Trinity Foundation for the $5000 matching grant. Now, in the Samson Project, we are asking for money for area Food Pantries. (Hey, we’re just asking you for money. My donation is a little more “personal”*). We have begun Arise, Shine our annual Stewardship Campaign – absolutely critical! And, of course, Ash Wednesday is February 17, with Lent comes our Lenten/Easter Mission Offering.

Hey, what gives, you ask? Fair question (which is why I’m answering it before you ask it.).

Allow me to offer a few insights: Trinity is, and has historically been, an incredibly generous church. It’s who we are, a congregation of generous people and a church that gives generously to the community. We trust you to know what you want to do. Of course, our tithe, our support for all the ministries of the church, is our duty. It’s the offering of our first fruits to God. But after that our responses to various appeals is a matter of the spirit. No one can do and support everything, but let us all do and support something.

If we don’t ask, nothing happens.

In a phrase, follow your heart. Please faithfully support Trinity’s ministries in our Arise, Shine campaign. We are all called to do that. It makes everything else possible. But beyond that, listen for the Spirit. Follow your heart. Be generous, but don’t feel guilty or bad if you can’t support everything. I hope that like me you are proud to be part of a church that is constantly asking for money because we are constantly giving it away and doing so much good. The kids at UMFS, the women and children in Trinity’s apartment at CARITAS’ new shelter, the people with pantry-provided food on their table, families in Oak Grove/Bellemeade, or the people of Honduras may never get a chance to thank you, but then there is this,

“Then the king will say to those on his right hand, ‘Come, you that are blessed by my Father, inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world; for I was hungry and you gave me food, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you welcomed me, I was naked and you gave me clothing, I was sick and you took care of me, I was in prison and you visited me.”

Matthew 25:34-36

Larry Lenow

*$10,000 I get as haircut
$20,000 Cut shorter with electric clippers.
$100,000. I shave the beard as well. (I dare you! – LL)