More than 70 people attended the May 3rd “A Taste of Haiti” UMW Banquet. The Haiti Mission Team including Peggy Hart, Carmen Sheppard, Debbie Schmitt, Kelly Kindle, Renee Goode, Kae Kindle and Randi Buerlein, presented a slideshow detailing their March trip.

After a wonderful presentation from Alice Hirata about her group “Midwives for Haiti,” Peggy gave an overview of the island of Haiti, its population, commerce and numerous struggles. Carmen compiled a presentation from all our photos and Peggy and the team spoke about the stories surrounding each one. It was a great opportunity to convey our awe and admiration for not only Doctor Ray Ford and his foundation, “The Robert Ford Foundation” but also for the people of Haiti.

The Silent Auction for Haiti sponsored by the Haiti Mission Team raised $424.00 for the Elderly Village Project of the Robert Ford Haitian Orphanage & School Foundation.