Tuesday, August 6, Dianne Moore, Judy Oguich, Kim Tingler, and I met to start work on the 2019 Advent devotional book. I am rapidly aging in this technology world. I still use a legal pad and pencil. On that legal pad, I had sketched out notes about this year’s book. On that same date, my trusted legal pad walked. Perhaps, it had enough of me.

For Trinity every church year is a journey. During the course of our church year, lots of people do lots of different things. Lives are touched inside our walls and outside are walls. Our devotional book for 2019 is an attempt to capture our trek with an assortment of events and activities in the life of the church.

Churches are about people. Advent focuses us on one tiny person and his journey into this world. I wonder what he thinks as he looks down upon us.  Yes, lots of good things happen in our world every day. But as we push toward the celebration of his birth on Christmas, I imagine Jesus looking down at earth shaking his head in dismay. Maybe, he is thinking, “Where is the love I modeled and taught?”

As we ponder Advent and the celebration of Christmas with the birth of Jesus, maybe we can commit ourselves to a 2020 journey to bring more good into our world. Where should we start? It is very simple, embrace the love that Jesus modeled and taught, and put it to use.

Bill Pike

©2018 Trinity United Methodist Church