Habitat Build

Habitat Build

Habitat for Humanity was created to demonstrate the love of God in action, so faith communities are important partners in Habitat’s work. These partnerships are essential in grounding the mission of Habitat in building homes, community and hope.  We are grateful you have chosen to partner with Richmond Habitat as a way to fulfill your mission.  The Unity Build gives our faith partners the opportunity to join together for an even greater impact by building a home for a deserving family, sharing God’s love in our community.  Thank you for joining us in this effort!

As you prepare to participate, and to make this a smooth process for everyone, these steps will be beneficial to you:

  1. Your date is Saturday, June 1
  2. The Unity Build location is 1407 Spotsylvania Street – Richmond, VA 23223
  3. Parking is available on Spotsylvania Street or Littlepage Street
  4. Your shift is 8:00am until 3:00pm (or earlier, at the discretion of the construction supervisor)
  5. Please communicate to your group to arrive promptly at 8:00am for a safety briefing and instructions for the day
  6. There will be a break for lunch (you provide) and water available at all times
  7. The maximum number of volunteers is eight (8)
  8. Every volunteer must complete a profile at www.richmondhabitat.org/volunteer if they do not have one in our system
  9. Each team member can add themselves to your group by clicking on the link below – which you can forward to your participants:

Unity Build – Trinity United Methodist Church June 1

Please complete their volunteer profile and be in your online group a week before your date.  We will use unfilled spaces for other faith groups and the community.  

Music Ministry Positions

Job Description

Position Summary

To promote leadership in developing and implementing the music ministries of Trinity United Methodist Church, and to actively engage the congregation in worship through music. Two part-time positions are available – Choral Director and Modern Worship Leader – with the potential to combine responsibilities into a single, full-time position, pending candidate experience.

Responsibilities of the Choral Director Part-time Position

  • Coordinate music in the traditional worship service, including any vocal and/or choir anthems and performances. Work with the organist/accompanist, Pastor and Worship Committee in planning.
  • Recruit and encourage musicians, both vocal and instrumental, within the congregation and promote the choir program.
  • Prepare and transcribe instrumentation and vocal arrangements for the traditional service.
  • Oversee the handbells, youth/childrens’ choirs, and Chancel Choir, including organist.
  • Coordinate music, media and overall worship service with Pastor and other worship leaders.
  • Maintain regular choir rehearsal and communicate weekly with choir members via email.
  • Select and purchase choir music within budget, arranging as necessary.
  • Plan special music for weekly worship services and special occasions such as holidays.
  • Catalog and organize all music resources.
  • Oversee the care and upkeep of all instruments.
  • Provide the appropriate staff and volunteers with song lyrics and other bulletin information.
  • Contribute to weekly staff meetings.
  • Be an active participant of the Worship Committee and Administrative Council.
  • Actively led to offer suggestions and observations which would provide continued improvement to Trinity’s music ministry.
  • Assume such other duties as may be assigned by the pastor.

Responsibilities of the Modern Worship Leader Part-time Position

  • Coordinate music and lead worship in the modern worship service, including any vocal performances and music from the praise band. Work with the Pastor and Worship Committee in planning.
  • Select music appropriate for the spirit of worship and the ability of available musicians, arranging selections as necessary.
  • Oversee the praise band and lead performances during worship (preferably as a vocalist and/or guitarist) and lead weekly rehearsals.
  • Recruit and encourage musicians, both vocal and instrumental, within the congregation and promote the praise band program and modern worship music program.
  • Maintain regular praise band rehearsal and communicate weekly with members.
  • Catalog and organize all music resources.
  • Oversee the care and upkeep of all instruments.
  • Contribute to weekly staff meetings.
  • Be an active participant of the Worship Committee and Administrative Council.
  • Actively led to offer suggestions and observations which would provide continued improvement to Trinity’s music ministry.
  • Assume such other duties as may be assigned by the pastor.


  • A degree in music education, music performance, or equivalent experience preferred.
  • Ability to actively engage the congregation during worship through music.
  • Enthusiastic with good verbal and written communication skills.
  • Ability to give and receive constructive criticism.
  • Ability to promote harmony in the workplace by maintaining good working relationships and supporting staff decisions.
  • Ability to give detailed attention to the duties for which he/she is primarily responsible while offering imaginative and creative thinking to the overall vision of Trinity United Methodist Church.
  • A commitment to spiritual growth which will enhance the basic theological outlook of the United Methodist Church.

Terms of Employment

Hours: The choral director and modern worship leader are each part-time positions, the majority of which need to be worked on site. Regular office hours should be maintained.
Work with the Pastor, Director of Media Ministries and the Music Advisory Committee.

Salary: Salaries are dependent on experience, and are reviewed annually by the Staff Parish Relations Committee. Expected salary range is 25k-30k annually.

Benefits: No additional benefits other than paid compensation.

A written two week notice is suggested to be given before termination of employment by either the church or the staff member.

Supervision: These positions are directly accountable to the Pastor for the satisfactory fulfillment of all functions and responsibilities in consultation with the Staff Parish Relations Committee.

Director of Student Ministries

Trinity UMC, in Richmond, is seeking a Director of Student Ministry to plan, coordinate and lead all aspects of the ministry program for students in grades six through twelve. This is a full-time (40 hours) position that requires active and engaged presence during the week and on Sundays, with reasonable flexibility for remote work. Competitive salary commensurate with experience, with anticipated base pay of $46,000, plus access to health insurance and retirement savings. Target start date is June 1, 2024. Please send resume and information to Trinity United Methodist Church, 903 Forest Ave, Richmond, VA 23229 or through the form below.

Essential Functions

  1. Work within the vision of the Senior Pastor and Church leadership.
  2. Design and implement a comprehensive plan of ministry to and with students, grades 6-12 to include:
    • Spiritual formation in the Wesleyan tradition
    • Participation in corporate worship
    • Mission activities
    • Student small groups
    • Fellowship and fun activities
  3. Cultivate and mentor a leadership team of students, student leaders, and other volunteers to help lead programing.
  4. Develop personal relationships with students by outreach, support, and communication.
  5. Lead weekly student groups both on Sunday evenings as well as during a Sunday School hour on Sunday mornings.
  6. Invite and welcome new students, engaging with them and their families.
  7. Organize and facilitate student retreats and/or spiritual growth events.
  8. Organize and facilitate student mission trips and service opportunities both in Richmond and elsewhere.
  9. Oversee all student ministry administrative functions (budgets, finances, permission forms, etc.)
  10. Advocate for students among church staff and lay leadership.
  11. Work with the Pastors to coordinate the Confirmation process.
  12. Support major church events, such as Vacation Bible School, as part of the staff leadership team.
  13. Other tasks as directed by the Senior Pastor or direct supervisor.

Core Competencies

  1. A living faith in Jesus Christ consistent with the teachings of the United Methodist Church.
  2. Ability to communicate with and relate to students and families.
  3. Moral behavior consistent with mentoring students.
  4. Adherence to appropriate boundaries and church child protection policy
  5. Ability to organize and lead a comprehensive and complex ministry.
  6. Ability to identify, encourage and support volunteers associated with the student program.
  7. Ability to self-initiate and operate with little supervision.
  8. Ability to capture a vision, take direction and be part of a team.
  9. Ability to work outside traditional hours in support of special programs.
  10. Proficiency with social media.


  1. Demonstrable signs of spiritual engagement and growth in the Student Ministry.
  2. Energy, excitement and visibility of students in the life of the Church.
  3. Personal relationship and knowledge of what’s going on in the life of each active student member.
  4. Student Ministry attendance equal to 10% of average worship attendance.
2024 Lent Devotional

2024 Lent Devotional

Regular devotion time is one of the spiritual practices we highly recommend. Whether you use one of our recommended devotions or one you find on your own, we encourage you to take the intentional time to focus, especially during this holy season of Lent.

We are providing a daily devotion by Society of St. Andrew, a Virginia-based gleaning and feeding ministry that helps feed the hungry with fresh food left in the fields after harvesting. The devotion is available in hard-copy at the church and also at www.endhunger.org

Rise Against Hunger

Rise Against Hunger

On Sunday, March 10, Trinity will be hosting a Rise Against Hunger meal packaging event. We will stage two meal packaging sessions at 11 AM and 12:15 PM. For these sessions and to reach our goal of packaging 10,152 meals we will need 100 volunteers. We will also need volunteers to unload the truck and then reload the truck after the meal packing is done. Be sure to sign up for a session, so we are sure to have enough for each session and for working with the set-up and clean-up.

Here is the link to the sign up: