The renovation of the Mastin room started on Monday, July 27. Building permits, insurance coverage, and contracts were finalized. A pre-construction meeting was held with key personnel from Century Construction Company to outline their plan. This project will create a new meeting space for our youth while also improving the adjoining hallway and restrooms.
Our Trustees want to thank our congregation, the Trinity Foundation, the Finance Committee, and Church Council for their leadership and cooperation in making this project a reality. We will keep you updated on the progress.

worship soundboard in sanctuary with bryce

In a very short period of time, the Sanctuary has become like a production room for a television show. Also, in a very short period of time Aaron Miller, Bryce Miller, Charles Staples, Hung Su Lim, Jen Williams, and our communication consultant, Kim Johnson, have revisited past skills and learned new skills in the weekly broadcast of the Sunday morning worship service. That service just doesn’t happen in a blink.
During the week, assorted recordings and videos are produced. This involves lots of technology for editing, mixing, and developing a take that is worth broadcasting. This also involves lots of communication with musicians and choir members. When a piece is filmed off-site, this requires a whole different level of production techniques and strategies.

Recently, this team has worked to improve the infrastructure of our technology. The goal is to improve the quality of the broadcast, but we all need to remember technology is imperfect. All it takes is one tiny gremlin to wreak havoc during a Sunday broadcast.

We thank you for your support and feedback as we continue with virtual presentations. And we appreciate the hard work and teamwork that Aaron, Bryce, Charles, Hung Su, Jen, and Kim give us each week.