Trinity’s 4th and 5th grade students spent their week at Surf Shack Vacation Bible School working on a project to help others. Alongside their leaders and volunteers, this crew planned, built, and painted birdhouses for Oak Grove Elementary.

Once their project was complete, the 4th & 5th graders had a great visit delivering the houses they made to the school. The group was able to tour the school and neighborhood, seeing the Minifee house, the old school, the grounds, the school, Afton Court & Jefferson Trace, as well as Central UMC.
Trinity partners with Oak Grove Elementary and the Bellemeade community in many different ways, check out some of these other projects HERE.

Trinity is grateful to all of those who helped with this bird house project and to all of the volunteers and families who spent the week with us for VBS! Look for a full 2016 Surf Shack Vacation Bible School wrap up soon!

See More VBS Bluebird House Photos: