Bryce Miller is excited to be back for his 3rd production at Trinity United Methodist Church as the Director of Student Ministry. Arriving in January 2017, Bryce continues to make a welcoming space for youth so that they can learn about the Lord and the church among their peers at weekly meetings and by giving back to their community through service and mission. You might have seen him as the bass player in Modern: the 9:30 Service. Other roles he has played include the head chef in Vacation Bible School: Babylon, an understudy for the role of worship leader. When asked what he looks forward to most this year, he responded, “I look forward to singing along to all the show tunes with the rest of the kids.” He also wanted to plug a new musical he is co-writing with John Gildenstein, a former student of the great Andrew Lloyd Webber (not the one you’re thinking of). When asked to comment, Gildenstein explained the concept, “It’s about this guy who lives on the orlop deck of a pirate ship, and through song, dance, and a little bit of fun helps the captain realize that his true passion is growing pumpkins on a remote island in the Caribbean.” 

man standing-- bryce

Raised in Roanoke Virginia, Bryce attended Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry and specialized in divination, before attending Campbell University graduating with a bachelor’s of arts degree in Christian Ministry. When he isn’t working, Bryce enjoys listening to and playing music, watching soccer when he isn’t playing in the game itself, and hanging out with friends, as well as telling people they have bad taste in music (☹). He likes meeting new people and cannot wait to meet you, so feel free to introduce yourself whenever you see him. He is also not good with names so forgive him, but has an awesome talent for creating nicknames for his students!

He can be reached by email at or by calling (540) 798-0121 Carrier pigeon is also acceptable if sent between 9am-5pm on a business day1. Mail is less preferred but if necessary, must be sent from 800 Ingra St, Anchorage, AK 99501.3

1Pigeon reliability falls on the owner’s training and is not liable by Bryce Miller or affiliation. Msg and data rates may apply.2

2Written for dramatization; this is not real

3This is a joke, mail can be sent from any post office that accepts it.

Written by a collection of loving students!

Trinity’s Staff