A Service of Giving Thanks

A Service of Giving Thanks

To the God Who is Always Faithful

Sunday, November 22 3:00 PM
Outside the Forest Ave entrance

Come, and join in a social distanced service of giving thanks to the God who is our strength and shield in these troubled times. This will be a simple service of prayer and praise. We anticipate that it will be about 30 minutes in length. Safety will be a priority for this time together:

Health Forms required.
• Face masks will be worn by all at all times.
• Six-foot social distance between household groups required.

Learn more about Trinity’s return to in-person gathering policy here: TrinityUMC.net/gather

This Service is outside only and could be canceled due to inclement weather.

Using the YouTube TV App

Using the YouTube TV App

Do you have a smart TV?

If so, you may want to experiment with using the YouTube App to worship with Trinity.

As part of our commitment to improving the livestream experience, we have changed streaming providers and we are now officially broadcasting to YouTube on Sunday mornings and Tuesday evenings.

Our service will still be broadcast to our livestream page (https://www.trinityumc.net/watchlive/) but we will also be on YouTube.

Whether you plan to use a smart TV to worship or not, we’d love for you to SUBSCRIBE to our YouTube channel, as that will help us promote and enhance our presence.

YouTube vs Vimeo

Our main video archive and hub will still be with Vimeo (you can SUBSCRIBE to Vimeo here) but at this time their TV app does not allow for watching our services live. You can watch Trinity’s videos on your smart TV with the Vimeo app after they have aired live. But, for those who want to worship with Trinity via their smart TV more easily than trying to hook a computer to a TV, we are excited to offer YouTube as an option.

How do I find Trinity?

If you want to find Trinity on your smart TV via the YouTube app, you can follow these steps.
*Please note that all TVs are different, so things may look different depending on your TV.

Open the YouTube App on you TV.

If you have a Gmail or YouTube account, you can log in.
If not you can continue as guest.

Next, you will need to search for Trinity.

You want to search for the phrase Trinity Richmond in order to find us more easily.

(There are LOTS of Trinitys, as you can imagine!)

Be sure you choose OUR Trinity.

Our logo is the Icon.

There are other Trinity Richmond accounts that are NOT us. Our account has our logo as the profile picture.

When we are LIVE you will find our livestream in your search results.

It will have the LIVE icon in the corner.

Selecting that item will take you into our worship service on your TV.

When we are not live, you can select our profile icon and you will be taken to our YouTube account.

We’d love it if you use the subscribe button!

You can watch previous worship services via your TV from our channel.

What about the chat?

We still very much want you to participate in worship via the chat. That will still be at https://www.trinityumc.net/watchlive/. You can still join that via computer or phone. We hope that using your TV for worship will free you up to participate more fully in the chat via phone or other device.

We are excited to offer this new way to participate in worship!

If you run into problems trying to set up your TV app, you can send email to web@trinityumc.net and we can see what we can do to get you connected. Also the more information you can give about what you’ve tried and what is or isn’t working will help us help you more efficiently! Also, please remember that only newer ‘smart’ TVs come equipped with app capability.

Trinity is on Amazon Smile!

Trinity is on Amazon Smile!

Trinity is now on Amazon Smile! As you shop on Amazon during this holiday shopping season, we hope that you will consider using Amazon Smile and having a portion of your purchase go toward a charity or worthy cause.

There are tons of organizations from which to choose, and Trinity is now one of them.
You can use this link to select Trinity as your Amazon Smile non-profit of choice.
Or, you can select another organization that is important to your heart.

Thanks for sharing while you shop!

Pumpkin Carving Party!

Pumpkin Carving Party!

Monday, October 26 from 5-6 PM*

We are excited for the opportunity to get together in person!  The event will be Sunday, October 25 from 1-2 PM. Here are the details for this event:

  • The entrance into the parking lot from Stuart Hall will be blocked off. We will hold our event in this part of the parking lot. Please either park on the street or enter the back parking lot from the Rock Creek Road entrance.
  • To socially distance, families will be assigned to every other parking spot to use while pumpkin carving.
  • Please bring your own pumpkins and carving supplies.
  • The church will provide single-use painting supplies for those that would like to paint their pumpkin.
  • Masks are required for everyone over 2 years old while they are attending the event.
  • Families are required to fill out this health form before attending the event. 

*Please note- this is our rescheduled date–we moved the party from Sunday to Monday due to weather.

pumpkin party logo with rescheduled burst
Discovering Trinity

Discovering Trinity

We want to invite anyone who wishes to become a member of Trinity UMC to join the Discovering Trinity Class. We will share an understanding of our beliefs, history, practices, and expectations. Even in this time of pandemic, you’ll learn how to get connected at Trinity in online opportunities.

When: Sunday Afternoons, 3:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m. Nov 1, 8, 15, and 22

Where: Zoom https://zoom.us/join (meeting ID: 6243348408)
Please email Hung Su Lim at hslim@trinityumc.net for the password and any questions.

Pumpkin Patch

Pumpkin Patch

As most of you know, the youth do a fundraiser every year for their summer mission experiences that helps the cost of these trips to be more reasonable for everyone. Unfortunately, this year they will not be hosting the pumpkin patch. Through many discussions with leaders at the church, the healthy church team, and the pumpkin patch operators that we partner with, we have made the decision that we feel is in the best interest of everyone’s health.

We do not see how we would be able to host a pumpkin patch for our community without exposing those of you who work the patch, and those who are visiting the pumpkin patch. The youth are deeply upset that they are not able to provide this staple event for our neighbors.