Student Retreat Reflections

Student Retreat Reflections

During the weekend of November 12-14 Trinity Students hosted a Fall Retreat at Westview on the James in Goochland. 

Thank you to all those who made this retreat possible through providing meals, leadership and the many ways you make youth at Trinity feel welcomed and a part of our church family. 

Here’s what some of our youth had to say about their experience on Fall Retreat: 

“Well this is my first retreat and it has been everything I needed to know about my life in 2 days. I feel I
have certainly grown stronger to God and have obtained a stronger relationship with God and my peers. I
hope to keep growing a stronger relationship with everyone in the church community and with God. This
weekend has been everything I needed. Thank you for sending us here and I hope to come on more retreats
in the future.”

“God has reminded me this weekend that I am not junk. I was created in the hands of a magnificent Creator
with purpose and with love. The God of love doesn’t compare me to anyone else. He has a seat for me at his
table with my name on it. My worth isn’t determined by my grades, beauty, talents, gifts that God I know
loves me beyond measure. This weekend is just what my heart, soul and spirit needed.”

“This weekend has actually been incredibly moving and special because of what we’ve talked about. I have
actually been struggling with some serious comparison problems about my body recently and the topics we
covered were really heartwarming and relieving. The fact that I’m not alone and that God has a different
standard of measurement is so moving for me and it has helped me switch my mindset some. I definitely
look at myself through a self-loathing point of view sometimes and learning about humility and how I
should replace those self-loving thoughts with thoughts that have humility really got me thinking about
how I can change the way I see myself through God.”

God is working in the lives of our youth here at Trinity UMC. Praise God!
Thank you for all the ways you support and encourage Trinity Students!

Blue Christmas Service

Blue Christmas Service

A Service of Hope and Healing

Trinity will hold the Blue Christmas Service on December 9 at 7:00 PM.

This service is designed for those who have struggled with the death of a loved one, faced life after divorce or separation, coped with the loss of a job, living with cancer or some other disease, or struggled with the covid-19 that puts a question mark over the future.

This service is reflective, accepting where we are, and holding out healing and hope. We join tougher to acknowledge what we have lost and to remember Jesus’ promise, “Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted” in this time of challenges. 

2020 Blue Christmas Service

See last year’s Blue Christmas Service here.

3M Study Group

3M Study Group

Beginning November 17 and continuing December 1, 8, and 15 the 3M Wednesday Night Group will study “Because of Bethlehem” by Max Lucado. The group is meeting by Zoom, 6 – 7:30 PM; persons may contact Rev. Judy Oguich for the Zoom meeting link ( ). A few copies of “Because of Bethlehem” are available with Judy for $10, otherwise, they are available through Cokesbury. A version is also available to download.

Central UMC Angel Tree

Central UMC Angel Tree

Trinity members have been teaming up with Central UMC in Manchester for over 15 years! Trinity will provide gifts to needy children and youth this Christmas to share the love of Christ and walk in faith together. Thank you for using this sign-up to participate in our Angel Tree project.

Please return all gifts to the Welcome Center on Sunday, December 19 between 8 AM – 12 noon! 
Sign up

Parking Lot Parties!

Parking Lot Parties!

Family Discipleship Edition

Parking Lot Parties are returning on the 3rd Sunday of the month this fall at 10 AM!!  Each party will have a theme!  

Our December Parking Lot Party will be held Indoors up in our newly renovated Kids space. Our theme will be Come to the Manger. We look forward to having you!

parking lot with words and streamers on top and photo of kids doing crafts

Just Do It

Just Do It

Just Do It (words on marble background)

On Sunday, September 5, Pastor Larry asked us all to “Just Do It” in his sermon on James 2:1-17. You can find the worship service below– use the chapter markers to jump directly to the Scripture (the first dot) and sermon (second dot)!

Below the service video, you will find links to some ways you can take action.


Help those in Haiti: JUST DO IT

One way to help those in Haiti is by giving to UMCOR’s International Disaster Response.

VAUMC Haiti Response

Help those in the US: JUST DO IT

Fires, floods, storm damage, and more. Help those in the US: UMCOR’s US Disaster Response.

VAUMC Hurricane IDA disaster response

Help with refugee relief and resettlement: JUST DO IT

Help with the Afghan resettlement here in Richmond and around the state: VAUMC Refugee Response

Help with refugee resettlement and aid around the world: UMCOR’s Global Migration Response.

Support one of Trinity’s Local partners: JUST DO IT

Learn more about UMCOR