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Community Hour Class Locations


  • FaithWorks                  309

  • Outreach                     310

  • Life Choices                 314

  • Seekers                        317

  • Pathfinders                  319

  • Contemporary             321

  • Ordinary People           322

  • Christian Beliefs          323

  • McClure Bible Study    Meeting via Zoom


    • Students                  Student Center


    • Babies & Toddlers                  Nursery
      2-year-olds and younger
    • Preschool                 Playground Outside
      (Eaton Hall will be used in the event of bad weather or excessive heat)
    • Elementary School                   Trinity Hall

    Room 309


    What’s more important—Faith or Works? This class thinks both work well together! Join us as learn about God in our lives and we share our life events together. Class lessons are lively and stimulate thinking about the role of Christianity in our lives, our roles in the community, modern cultural issues and religious concepts. Members of the FaithWorks class are leaders for Church Council, Trustees, Trinity Foundation, various church committees and Trinity’s athletic teams. Class members get together outside of class for service projects, cook-outs and more. New members welcome!

    Class Contact:
    Brian Ford (

    Room 310


    Outreach is a class with a mix of singles and couples. The class uses planning sessions in January, May and September to develop their lesson themes, plan social outings and identify areas for participation in community outreach. Lesson themes cover a variety of topics from Cokesbury series, guest speakers and Bible study. Social outings range from hikes in Virginia, gatherings at local restaurants, the annual Progressive Dinner during the Christmas season, and a Super Bowl party. Community outreach has focused on families with young children for Christmas, providing basic necessities for refugee families in Richmond, and supporting church sponsored mission trips. Annually, the class sponsors and organizes the Veterans Pancake Breakfast and the Outreach Summer Forum.

    Class Contacts:
    Bill Pike ( ) and Rob Spotts ( )

    Room 314

    Life Choices

    This class relies on relaxed, Bible-based discussion of issues for today’s Christian. Lessons alternate between biblical character studies, current topical issues and Bible book studies. Emphasis is on discussion and fellowship, centered on supporting each other as we navigate and balance modern day life. Life Choices members draw from experiences at home, with family and kids, work, church and more to learn about being Christians in today’s world. The class enjoys socializing outside of class, doing mission projects together and supporting Trinity in a variety of ways.

    Class Contacts:

    Room 317

    Seekers Book Discussion Class

    This class welcomes adults of all ages who are interested in reading books that illuminate, challenge and deepen their faith. Class members read a chapter or two each week and discuss the reading on Sunday morning. Examples of authors we’ve read in the past include C.S. Lewis, Henri Nouwen, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, William Willimon and James Moore. Class members participate regularly in church sponsored mission activities.

    Class Contact:
    Elizabeth Dwyer ( )

    ROOM 319


    Pathfinders is a class for young individuals and young families at all stages of their faith journeys. Our class offers opportunities for members to get to know other families in similar stages of life and to share day-to-day experiences with each other in an open and trusting environment. Through faith sharing we strive to build lasting relationships with God and each other that grow inside and outside the walls of Trinity. We are a discussion-based class, and typically follow religious literature that requires little to no reading or work outside of class participation. We regularly have guest speakers and leaders from throughout the church. We also get together regularly for social events including cook-outs, game watching parties, and informal dinners.

    Class Contact:
    Corey and Gray Booker (,

    Room 321


    This class explores social, ethical and theological issues as reflected in the Bible, history, personal experiences and modern writings. Class members teach through lectures, slides, videos and spirited discussions – always seeking to bring contemporary relevance to the expression of their Christian faith. This group ranges in age from forty to over ninety, and members participate in hands-on mission projects as well as social events. We welcome new members.

    Class Contact:
    Jim Scott (

    Room 322

    Ordinary People

    This class enjoys lively discussions as we teach and inspire Christian living. We use open discussion, Christian literature, videos, and guest speakers to inform and deepen our faith. This class is led by Karen Stanley and supported by numerous class members. Our class participates in several hands-on mission opportunities as well as in social events outside of class. Ages range from 50 and older.

    Class Contacts:
    Karen Stanley (270-0920, )

    Mike Dishman (

    Room 323

    Christian Beliefs Today

    This multi-generational class discusses current world and biblical events as they relate to our individual faith journeys, and how we, as Christians, live our beliefs and influence our world. We incorporate historic materials and diverse contemporary authors’ perspectives in our discussions, and often use DVD presentations from Adam Hamilton, Ray Vander Laan, Amy-Jill Levine, and others, to provoke stimulating discussions. Food, socializing, and supportive friendships are our joy and strength. Please come join us – we’re saving a place for you.

    Class Contact:
    Mike McGinnis ( )

    Meeting via Zoom

    McClure Bible Study Class

    This class focuses on an in-depth study of the Old and New Testaments. Lively discussions among class members are incorporated and encouraged. During 2021-22 we will be studying the Letters of Paul, and the Gospels of Mark and Matthew. Next, we will do an Old Testament cycle of the Book of Ruth.

    This class is for all who wish to learn more about the Bible, how to study it, and how to apply these teachings to our personal lives. Lessons are coordinated and led by Dr. Lou Cei, assisted by other excellent teachers within the class. Singles and couples of every age are welcome. The class sponsors the Third Grade and Kindergarten Bible programs, and several other church-wide projects each year.

    Class Contact:
    Peggy Watson (

    Contact Lou Cei at for the Zoom link.

    Kids & Students

    Kids and Students will meet during Trinity’s Community Hour. Learn about faith formation and education for Kids and Students.

    What will reopening look like for our Trinity Kids this summer?

    As the church reopens more fully in June, Trinity Kids will also be reopening!

    9:00 AM – Modern Worship Service

    • Worship bags will be available for kids to use during the service
    • Kids will remain in the worship service with parents

    10:00 AM – Community Hour

    • Nursery will be open for 2-year-olds and younger
    • Preschool kids will be meeting outside on the playground (Eaton
      Hall will be used in the event of bad weather or excessive heat)
    • Elementary school kids will meet in Trinity Hall
    • REGISTER your Trinity Kids HERE so that we can adequately plan for space and volunteers!

    11:00 AM –  Traditional Worship Service

    • Worship bags will be available for kids to use during the service
    • Kids will remain in the worship service with parents

    Safety Precautions

    Children ages 5 years and older will need to wear a face mask when inside the building. All adults serving in the kids ministry will wear a face mask, regardless of vaccination status.

    To help us properly staff our kids' spaces on Sundays this summer, we are asking that you register your kids if you are planning to attend.

    Reach out to Pastor Hung Su Lim if you would like to get connected to a small group or Sunday school class during the discipleship hour!

    Questions? Contact Jen Williams. Learn more about Trinity's Reopening here:

    Trinity Students

    Students (6-12th grade) will meet in the student center during the Discipleship Hour.

    Students will follow the same guidelines as adults. Students here at Trinity experience God through worshiping together, growing in our faith with each other, living in community with those around us, and serving the world. Our weekly gatherings consist of worship on Sunday morning at 9:00 or 11:00 am, discipleship hour on Sunday morning at 10:00 am, and our Sunday fellowship gathering from 5:00-6:00 pm. Every month we have a series of different events like; small group meetings, retreats, lock-ins, bible studies, pastoral-led classes, confirmation, and much more. 

    Questions? Please email at

    Learn more about our STUDENT MINISTRY.

    trinity logo in white on black with trinity students underneath

    About Masks and Distance: UPDATED

    Please note the following COVID-related updates and changes.
    • All services are open to all persons. There is no registration required to attend worship at Trinity.
    • Facemasks are mandatory for all persons (age 5 yrs. and above) indoors on church property.
    • The 9:00 Sunday morning Modern Worship Service will return to Outdoors starting Sunday, Aug. 8.  Unvaccinated persons should be masked.  Masks are not required for fully vaccinated persons.  This service will move indoors when the mask mandate is lifted.
    • Students (12 and older) will follow the same guidelines as adults.
    • Children ages 5 years and older and adults working with children will need to wear a face mask when inside the building.
    • The balcony will be open for persons desiring more restrictions. Face coverings are to be worn at all times and social distance will be maintained between family groups in the balcony.

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