How would you like to be seen and (kind of) heard in this year’s Christmas Eve service? 

Dr. Staples will be working on 2 virtual hymns this year:  Joy to the World and O Come All Ye Faithful.  We will take these videos and combine them for a congregational version of a couple of verses of these 2 hymns. 

Don’t worry if you’re not a singer, you won’t be heard individually.  Your voice (es) will be combined with everyone else’s and we invite individuals and families to join. 

You’ll need 2 devices (a cellphone and computer, 2 cellphones, etc) and a willing spirit.  It’s not like really being together, but for now, it might just make us feel a little closer!

How to Participate

In order to participate in the Christmas Eve Congregational Hymn, you need to do 3 things.

First, use the Download button below to download the music and accompaniment file.

Then, record yourself singing the hymn verses with your computer, tablet, or phone.

Them use the Upload button to drop your video file into the folder so that Dr. Staples can create our congregational hymns.

Instructions and Information

Curious about how to participate and make all the technology work? Take a look at this video and Dr. Staples walks you through step by step.

You may remember that we joined our voices together at Easter to sing “Because He Lives” in a similar manner. We are excited to once again come together, virtually, to sing this Christmas Eve.

Here’s where you can watch the Easter video: