From June 25th through July 1st, a group of high school students from Trinity immersed themselves in the culture of Washington D.C. During the day they went out to serve the poor and homeless of the city. For both groups, the majority of the week was spending time with underprivileged children at two different locations, Children of Mine in Anacostia and Little Lights in southeast D.C. The youth got to spread so much love to these children and everyone was sad to part by the end of the week. This week was an eye opener for all involved and has positively impacted the lives of all involved. Below are a couple of reflections from those on the trip.

During this past week I had the pleasure of going on a CSM mission trip with the Trinity youth group to Washington D.C. It was an amazing experience from getting to know friends, working hard on mission sights, playing with underprivileged children, and hanging out and talking with homeless people. This trip definitely changed my perspective and made me realize that people just want someone to talk to and most importantly, that everyone just needs love. I had a lot of fun on this mission trip and I highly recommend it to anyone who is thinking or wanting to go. -Matthew McCullough

I started this years mission trip with a heart full of apprehension.  Talking to new people, trying new foods, and waking up earlier than I ever did for school was far out of my comfort zone.  However, I soon found that the fears I held for the trip were actually my favorite aspects of the experience.  I saw Jesus in numerous people and things.  From finding a shared interest in roller coasters with a homeless man I never would have thought to relate to, to the bright smiles that the children of little lights would gift me every time I walked through the door, Jesus showed his brilliant and passionate kindness in unquestionable ways while I worked.  The people I helped actually provided me with more aid than I could ever provide to them, and I am grateful for every second I got to spend with those I met.  The D.C. Mission trip is one I will never forget, and I hope that it will inspire me to continue gods work in my local community. –Abby Taylor