The people who trust in the Lord are like Mount Zion; never shaken, lasting forever. Mountains surround Jerusalem. That’s how the Lord surrounds his people from now until forever from now! —Psalm 125:1-2

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During my time at Trinity UMC, in youth group, in high school, and now at the University of Virginia, I have learned a lot about my faith. One thing I have learned through experience is the importance of community. In this picture, you can see me and my fellow acolytes preparing for the Christmas Eve service. The group of acolytes was one of many groups I have found fellowship in throughout my faith journey. This passage from Psalms says that the people who trust in the Lord are like mount Zion. For me, I certainly find strength and refuge in a community of believers. It helps me tremendously in my faith to have others around me that are also pursuing the Lord and seeking to further their own faith. God has gifted me and surrounded me with fellow believers in relationships where we can display Christ to each other and others. Psalm 125 says that the Lord surrounds his people forever like mountains.

The Lord surrounded me with fellow youth at Trinity who also sought to serve the church. Advent is a season in which we think about Christ’s coming and his current presence in our lives. Where I see Christ the most in my life is in the people around me, the ones who have pushed me and educated me in my faith. They all have been like mountains to me: unshakeable, eternal, and a symbol that the Lord surrounds all of us with community and strength.

Jack Neary