Praise him with clanging cymbals; praise him with loud clashing cymbals! Psalm 150:5

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The cymbals in our worship service symbolize a joyful voice and the idea that we should praise God and celebrate with the highest expression of joy and triumph in our church. In Old Testament worship and in Jesus’ time, musical instruments pointed you to the Holy Spirit who used preaching, singing, and the clanging of cymbals as a means to let the work of God dwell within you.

In the photo at hand, I see the praise team through our modern worship ministry working to “glorify God through our lives and song.” We are using our gift of music to inspire us and the congregation to be led to God’s presence.

At Trinity during Advent, we eagerly await the coming of Christ. We enter into a season of hope and joyful expectation. We sing and play music. We praise God.

May we take this time as we approach the journey towards the birth of Christ to sing with happiness, to honor the spirit of God’s wondrous gift, and to praise him with our clanging and loud crashing cymbals.

Bobby Hudson