We are, after all, your people and the sheep of your very own pasture. We will give you thanks forever; we will proclaim your praises from one generation to the next.  —Psalm 79:13

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During Advent we are preparing for the coming of Christ. In this picture, the preschool children are preparing for the Christmas program. They are watching and following their teacher, much like sheep following a shepherd. When I look at this picture and read the scripture verse, I think of something my father said to me when I had my first child: “Monkey see, monkey do.” He was telling me that what I do, how I act, my child will see and follow suit. It has stuck with me as I continue to raise my children. It has made me stop and think before I act if I am suddenly cut off while I am driving or if I react to something said to me by a rude neighbor. I want to lead by a good example, just as Jesus has been the example for us. Always knowing that my children may be watching and learning from me makes me want to do better for their sake.

Katie Swartz