Thursday, December 6, 2018

Make a joyful noise to the LORD, all the earth. Psalm 100:1

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The Sounds of Joy – Evoking Memories

Christmas is a time of joy and anticipation! Admiring faces of Young at Heart members savor the tender voices of Freeman High Schoolers’ joyful singing on a crisp December afternoon. And we remember joyful voices and music from the past and present.

The angelic voices of Betty Schneider and Grace Mortimer and the robust voice of Jeffrey Abbott and Frank Sencindiver filled the sanctuary in the past. Melodious steeple chimes waft the “Good News” across the neighborhood each year. Bible passages are sprinkled among Christmas carols during Sunday services, reminding us of the true meaning of the holiday. Children’s choirs eagerly (and sometimes with antics!) heighten the Christmas spirit.

We’re blessed with Trinity choir members raising their voices with the “Hallelujah” chorus at Easter time, joined by the congregation at the end. Jeannie Mertens, Jan Benton, and others share in personal songs of praise. Our various instrumental groups, Matthew McCullough’s bongos and drums, and the praise team provide a cool background beat as an extra-sensory experience for worship. Charles Staples’ organ extravaganzas and the leadership that he and Pat Ruscus provide are the sound foundation for our musical experiences.

Psalm 100:1: “Make a joyful noise to the Lord all the earth.” Trinity seems to do a great job! When visitors join us, what do they see? What do they hear? What do they feel? Each Sunday morning as we sing hymns of praise and thanksgiving, let’s raise our voices and make our “joyful noise”! But especially at Christmas time, through our Lessons and Carols and enduring Christmas hymns, let’s all raise our voices in joy and praise to THE ONE.

Wayne Bullis