Sunday, December 9, 2018

Then their eyes were opened, and they recognized him; and he vanished from their sight. Luke 24:31

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God reveals himself to Christians in many ways. For me, I call them “God moments,” times when I feel a heightened sense of God’s presence, or the Holy Spirit surrounding me. Occasionally, I have these moments while singing in the church choir when the music brings me closer to God.

A family “God moment” occurred on the day of my dad’s graveside service. Our family was escorted by two small deer bounding through the cemetery, keeping pace with our car, as we drove towards the gravesite. I have never seen deer in that cemetery before. To us, that symbolized my parents’ reunion in heaven.

Another “God moment” for me occurred when my ophthalmologist removed the eye patch after my first lens implant at age 33. I had congenital cataracts, and Jane and I cried as I saw the weave of the doctor’s sweater, all the colors in the carpet, and once outside, the individual leaves on the trees rather than just the trees.

That day involved my sight, but my experience pales in comparison to today’s scripture. Two men walked with Jesus to Emmaus yet did not “see” him until they had broken bread later in their home. Imagine, the resurrected Lord sitting beside them as they ate. What a life changing “God moment” that must have been for those men and readers of that passage today.

In this season of Advent, imagine actually “seeing” the Christ child arrive in all his glory. Halleluiah!

Doug Rechenbach