Earth Day – April 22
Trinity’s Creation Care Committee invites you to get involved in taking care of God’s Earth.
What we eat, where it comes from and how it is produced contribute to our ‘foodprint’ – our food’s impact on the environment. Even simple changes can lead to big results if we all work together.

  1. Fight climate change with diet change
  2. Try participating in meatless Mondays
  3. Use fresh produce and more plant-based recipes
  4. Rely less on processed ingredients
  5. Buy local food  
  6. Reduce the distance from farm to fork
  7. Frequent your local farmers’ market
  8. Join a local food co-op 
  9. Try growing your own
  10. Plant some herbs in a pot on your deck
  11. Grow a tomato plant
  12. Try an  organic garden !
  13. Fight food waste
  14. Buy only what’s needed
  15. Pay attention to ‘use by’ dates when choosing which ingredients to use today
    from your pantry or fridge
  16. Try composting!

Calculate your ‘foodprint’ at
Raise your awareness of Earth Day issues and find more tips at