There is no substitute for family.

First there is our family of origin, the family of our birth, where we came from, those who shaped us into who we are, those who provided those experiences of life, those who are still part of our lives today.

In my family of origin I was blessed with Christian parents, three older brothers and a younger sister. My siblings and I are now in our 50’s and 60’s (how did that happen?!!?); and they continue to be a great source of strength and love to me.

Then as Christians we are blessed with a family of faith. This family is created through the love of God, providing sisters and brothers in the faith, no matter where we are.

I have been blessed to have a family of faith here at Trinity. You rejoiced with us in Garrett and Abby’s births years ago; and you have taught them the Christian faith. You comforted us at the time of my mother-in-law’s death in 2014, and my father’s death in 2015. You were unwavering cheerleaders during Garrett and Abby’s basketball careers. You challenge me and encourage me in my own walk of faith. You comforted me as I took Garrett off to college for the first time two years ago. And you have been angels of compassion and love through Abby’s recent surgery and rehab. There is no substitute for love like that. You are my family.

The love of God provides family.

This Lenten season may we reach out to those who are searching for family – that family of faith that God makes possible.

Judy Oguich