Trinity United Methodist Church is seeking a part-time Financial Administrator. The role
will require 15-20 hours over the course of 3-5 days per week. The ideal candidate is an
experienced bookkeeper with proficiency in ACS (accounting software) and QuickBooks.
Experience with non-profit and church accounting is preferred. This position requires
attention to detail and a high level of discretion about staff and congregation confidentiality.
Compensation is $20-30 per hour, depending on experience. Benefits are not included.
Specific job responsibilities are described below:

  • Accounts receivable (20%)
    • Receive, coordinate, and process all payments to the church, including checks, cash, Vanco
      deposits, Paypal, Venmo, ACH contributions.
    • Scan checks for deposit and go to bank for all cash deposits.
    • Issue timely contribution statements to donors and respond to all inquiries.
  • Accounts payable (10%)
    • Prepare invoices for payment and issue checks or ACH payments to all vendors and
    • Compile all receipts and monitor all church credit card purchases.
    • Coordinate signers for checks.
  • Payroll and Human Resources (10%)
    • Compile and maintain all records relating to personnel issues.
    • Ascertain that all necessary paperwork is complete upon hiring and termination of
    • Prepare and issue paychecks on the 15th and last day of each month.
    • Reconcile payroll and file payroll taxes for each pay period.
    • File 941 Employer’s quarterly tax return.
    • File W-2’s and 1099’s annually.
    • Maintain and process staff benefits: Health Care, Dental and Pension Funds.
    • Act as liaison between employees, SPRC and providers.
  • Reconciliations (10%)
    • Reconcile all bank statements.
    • Analyze restricted funds, report balances to the proper staff member or committee and pay
      out as necessary.
  • Pledges (10%)
    • Enter, maintain, and report pledge information.
    • Confirm pledges with donors.
    • Assist with pending capital campaign, and coordination of pledges
  • Donor-Restricted Accounts (15%)
    • Coordinate activity of donor-restricted giving, including activities for special offerings,
      memorial garden, the Trinity Foundation, building trustees, missions and more.
    • Maintain records for donor gifts, corresponding spending, and donor-restricted accounts
      on the church balance sheet.
  • Reports (20%)
    • Prepare monthly profit & loss and balance sheet statements.
    • Prepare monthly trustees report.
    • Prepare reports for annual UMC conference.
    • Prepare other reports as requested by staff and clergy
  • Annual Financial Audit (5%)
    • Provide all information requested for annual financial review by third-party accounting