2022 Stewardship Campaign

Our theme for this year’s Stewardship Campaign is: Inspired to Give Together. Inside you will find some of the many things about Trinity that inspire us to give. We hope that you will consider all the ways Trinity has inspired you as you think about making your 2022-2023 promise.

—Your 2022 Stewardship Committee:
Paul Brooks (Chair), Matt Benton, Bill Eubank, Colleen Messick, Dianne Moore, Emily Toalson

Promise Sunday is February 27

Trinity, all during the pandemic, in circumstances no one could even imagine, you have remained so faithful. Your financial support has allowed the critical work of the church and our outreach to the community to continue uninterrupted and in some cases actually increased.
Thank you! Thank you for your faith in Jesus Christ! Thank you for your faithfulness in the cause of Christ and Christ’s Church!

Your financial support of our ministries makes all this possible. Our Stewardship Team asks you to begin praying now about how God wants to use you to support and underwrite our ministries.

2022 Campaign Goals

  • Giving units with new or increasing gifts: 150
  • Total pledges: $1.5 million
  • Percentage increase in number of giving units: 5%

On Sunday in worship, Russell Swartz shared a little bit about how Trinity inspires him. Take a few minutes and listen to his story.

lightbulb graphic with the words Insipired to Give Together

In our Inspired to Give Together brochure, we listed some of the many ways that Trinity has inspired members of our Stewardship Committee along with some Trinity Trivia.

Find the answers here and let us know what inspires you? 

Trinity Trivia

What animal was the saddest to see Trinity’s services move back inside?

“Steeple” the cat.

white and black cat on pavement

What is the total number of bags donated to the Sherbourne Food Pantry and Welborne Food Pantry in December 2021?

 84 (Dec. 3rd) + 88 (Dec. 10th) + 110 (Dec. 17th) = 282 bags in 3 weeks!

truck full of food

How many pairs of siblings are in this picture?


The McCulloughs, the Birdsongs, and the Esteses.

students group photo

What is a prayer square?

Trinity’s Stitchers create prayer squares to share with hospitals and those in need of some love. 

How many square feet have we renovated for the kids and students?

Student Center 2,370 sq.ft.
Kids Church.      3,120 sq.ft.

Total Renovated:      5,490 sq.ft.

out of:  Total church building 61,624 sq.ft.


What year was this picture taken and at which beach?

This photo was taken at Sunset Beach in 1993.  How many people do you recognize?

a group photo from 1993 on Sunset Beach families in matching shirts


Reasons the people of Trinity are Inspired to Give Together: 


60 plus years of memories of family and friends and ministers gone and living.


“The amount of community outreach through missions, food pantry donations, Stitchers’ items and prayers to name a few as well as caring for our elderly members through cards, calls and visits.”


An intergenerational congregation. Young families. Kiddos running around. Students/youth serving the church in worship and mission. A new generation of leaders. Vision. The example of Jesus Christ.”

Care & Support

“When I lost a family member last year, I was surprised and touched by the level of support from my church family.”


“Vacations with Sunday School become vacations with family.”

Trinity Student Ministries

“Going on the Student Retreat felt good because we haven’t had this in almost two years so it felt amazing to get together. Sing, worship God and just have fun.”

Promise Sunday is February 27

Why We Give

Giving is a spiritual act. Through our financial support of the ministries of the church we put our faith into practice. Not only is this vital to underwrite and make possible the many ministries of the church, but for each of us it is a spiritual exercise. When we give we prioritize, we make decisions, and in a very tangible way we determine God’s place and importance in our lives.

The Biblical guideline is the tithe, or first fruits. It means that we dedicate to God the first 10% of our income. (Malachi 3:8-10.)

Step 1: If you are not regularly giving to the church, prayerfully make a commitment to begin by giving $5 per week ($20 per month), and return a Promise Card.

Step 2: Commit to increasing your giving by at least 1% as you move toward the goal of tithing, giving 10% of your income, and return a Promise Card.

Step 3: If you are giving the tithe, 10% of your income, thank you for your faithfulness. Please return your 2022 Promise Card and prayerfully consider increasing your commitment by 1% – 3% to help your church take advantage of the opportunities before us.

Learn more about giving to Trinity on our GIVE page.

Stewardship F.A.Q.

How has Trinity managed finances during the pandemic?

  • Giving decreased at the beginning of the pandemic. During 2019-2020 and 2020-2021, Trinity balanced the budget with decreased operating expenses and by using PPP loans. For 2021-2022, Trinity budgeted about a 3% deficit that can be covered by “rainy day funds.” With the return to in-person services, giving is increasing as well as expenses.

What do apportionments pay for?

  • Trinity pays apportionments as part of the United Methodist Church. Approximately 50% are used to cover health insurance and retirement benefits for ordained clergy. The remainder are used for conference operations and missions (e.g., Westview on the James, World Service Fund, funds for opening new churches).

Have apportionments changed during the pandemic?

  • Yes. The conference prioritized apportionments into Priority 1 and Priority 2. Priority 1 apportionments are approximately 73% of the total. If a church paid Priority 1 apportionments, then they were considered paid in full. Trinity has paid Priority 1 apportionments.

Do other churches pay their apportionments?

  • Yes. During 2020, 74% of apportionments were paid, which means that, on average, churches paid their Priority 1 apportionments.

What are the fees that Trinity pays for various giving methods?

Trinity is grateful to receive all kinds of gifts, but some gifts cost us more than others. As you consider how to give this year, we wanted you to have that information. The fees in the list below show how much money Trinity pays in order to deposit each kind of gift. These are not fees that you the giver owe.

  • Cash: $0.65 per deposit (multiple gifts can be deposited at once)
  • Your bank’s bill pay: $0.13 per gift
  • Personal check: $0.13 per check
  • ACH transfer: $0.17 per gift
  • ACS eCheck: $0.25 + 0.6%
  • ACS Visa/MC: $0.45 + 2.75%
  • ACS Amex: $0.45 + 3.5%
  • Paypal: 3.2%
  • Stocks and mutual funds: varies.

Potential Monthly Giving by Income

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