News from the Healthy Church Team

The Healthy Church Team (HCT) announces the following updates to Trinity’s existing covid-19

  • Worship leaders (Preachers, readers, one soloist) may lead their part in worship without masks with the conditions that they, 1) Provide proof of vaccination and 2) Take a church-provided rapid covid-19 test on the day of their worship leadership. (Any worship leader who chooses not to do so can still lead masked.)
  • The Healthy Church Team will hold “Listening Sessions” at 10:00 AM and 12:00 PM on Sunday, Nov. 7 to answer questions and listen to your thoughts. These sessions will be held in Trinity Hall. These sessions will not be livestreamed but notes will be taken and available to the congregation later that week.
  • Any group that wishes to hold an event and that has questions or ideas about COVID-19 restrictions is welcome to submit questions and/or proposals to the HCT at any time. Such proposals should outline risks and the means by which such risks would be mitigated. The Healthy Church Team meets monthly.

It is the hope and expectation of the HCT that the covid-19 landscape will be improving. If this optimism is borne out we anticipate many more changes in the coming months.

Trinity’s Healthy Church Team

Corey Booker, Church Council Chair
Jim Crowder, Trustees Chair
Alice Hirata, M.D.
Hung Su Lim
Larry Lenow
Mike McCullough
Sheila Pedigo, Pharmacist, VCU
Bill Pike, Dir. of Operations