The Trinity Healthy Church Team (HCT) met on Tuesday, January 11, 2022.

Team members discussed the current Trinity COVID policies in place and the fact that adult small groups have made different decisions for their meetings (some deciding to gather remotely, some meeting in person while masked, and meeting unmasked) as well as feedback received that groups appreciate the autonomy to make their own decisions. 

Team members also noted the significantly high levels of COVID transmission in Henrico County (as of this writing, there are an average of 672 new cases a day in Henrico County, almost triple the number of average cases (240) recorded during the previous high as of January 20, 2021) as well as the current capacity constraints in local hospitals and the recent decision by VCU to cancel elective surgeries due to high numbers of COVID patients.

In addition, team members discussed the contingency plans in place in case Trinity staff members test positive for COVID and are unable to lead worship or other church functions for a period of time.

After discussion, the HCT agreed that it would not make any changes to Trinity’s healthy church policies in place at this time, although it would continue to monitor conditions and make future changes if warranted.  During this time the HCT respectfully requests that:

  • all Trinity members make prudent decisions about their participation in church activities and avoid in person activities if you have tested positive for COVID in line with CDC guidance.
  • adult small groups making decisions about in person gatherings continue to do so with the input of all members.
  • Trinity members consider the use of KN95 masks (which provide a higher level of protection) during worship or other indoor functions where masks are used. 

Masks will continue to be required for all worship services and any other large (more than 30 persons) indoor gatherings, as well as for activities involving students and kids.

HCT members (like everybody) expressed weariness with COVID, and we prayed to God to guide our decisions and to end this pandemic.  In the interim, we will continue to pray, diligently monitor conditions, solicit feedback and make the very best decisions we can for our church.