For those of you who were in worship on Sunday, May 21 you heard Pastor Larry’s sermon, “Just Do It!” based on Acts 17:22-31. In his sermon Larry reminded us that it’s one thing to listen to and study God’s word, but we must go and put our faith in action – like Nike’s slogan from a few years ago – Just Do It!

How fitting it was to learn following Sunday’s sermon that the Life Choices Sunday School Class did just that on Saturday, May 20. They gave of their time on a Saturday, cleaning up Judy and Jack Suttons’ yard. Through their efforts they ended up taking two full trailers to the dump. One trailer was trash and garbage (old pots old garbage cans, old wheelbarrows, general garbage lying around the backyard), and one trailer was full of compost (leaves, weeds, vines, tree limbs, etc). Class members who participated were Paul, Courtenay and JC Brooks, Barry and Christopher Schmitt, Tucker, Rives and Caris Worsham, Mike, Mary Katherine, Matthew, Lizzie and Allison McCullough, Roger, Lisa, Charlotte and Anne Claire Hart.

How will you live out your faith this week? How will you put your faith in action? It doesn’t have to be hard – it could be as simple as cleaning up a shut-in’s yard. The possibilities are endless – but Just Do It!!