You are invited to a new casual Bible Study for this winter.  It is called “Keep It Shut” written by Karen Ehman (she did the study “Listen, Love, Repeat” that we did a number of years ago).  This will be a chance for us to have a good conversation about what the Bible says about the many ways we are to use our words and the times when we are to remain silent.  

There is both a study guide and a book to read for this class.  Here are the Amazon links to both.  Please purchase both and have Week 1 ready/prepared before our first class on February 7th.  

Paperback book:

Study Guide:

We will be meeting inside the church during these cold winter months with masks on.  We are going to wait to start until the beginning of February to give Omicron a few more weeks to peak and hopefully go away!  I will get back to you with a room number.  The schedule will be Monday mornings at 9:30 AM on the following dates:
Week 1:  Feb. 7
Week 2:  Feb 14
Week 3:  Feb 21
Week 4:  Feb 28
We will take off March 7th due to private school and college spring break
Week 5:  March 14
Week 6:  March 21