2018 Lenten Devotional

40 Days in the Wilderness is our theme for Lent 2018. In the wilderness of our lives and world we are invited to join our Lord in his fasting. During this season we will be reflecting on the hungers in our lives. We have produced a devotional series of short videos to help you encounter a holy Lent. Rather than a host of special
Lenten activities, this year you are invited to slow down, reflect and pray, the true spirit of the season. The more seriously we take this holy season of introspection, the more ready we will be for the glorious Celebration of Resurrection.

This Lenten devotional series was birthed out of a staff calendaring and planning meeting. Ideas pinged out of our brains with cautious energy and enthusiasm. In this excitement, we gave no thought to the practical pieces of making a project like this actually work. The rapid arrival of Lent was relentless. The weekly theme and singular word of focus for each day quickly pushed us to write the hard copy and prep for the videotaping. Hopefully, these imperfect Lenten devotionals will help you to reflect and think about your own trek through the wilderness.

Come, let us journey together!

Lenten Devotional Posts