The Trinity Healthy Church Team (“HCT”) thanks everyone for their comments and interest in our Listening Sessions on November 7.  Since those sessions, the HCT has met twice, exchanged numerous emails, and has considered specific proposals from certain groups (which have been approved), the comments from the listening sessions, and other written comments it has received.  The HCT has also received feedback from Church Council on its decisions and their basis. 

The HCT continues (for now) to follow CDC and state guidelines for the COVID protocols at Trinity.  Those guidelines require all individuals to wear masks indoors regardless of vaccination status if the transmission rate is above “moderate.”  Currently, the transmission rate in Henrico County is above “moderate”, which is why our current policy requires masks indoors at Trinity regardless of vaccination status.   

The HCT understood from the listening sessions and through subsequent feedback that many members of our congregation are anxious to loosen our COVID protocols.  It also heard from other members of our congregation who appreciate the safety and assurance provided by the current protocols. During our meetings, we have been trying to balance those interests while discerning God’s will. The HCT has prepared a survey, which it hopes will provide additional data and viewpoints on Trinity’s COVID protocols.

Following the listening sessions, the HCT has decided to loosen some of its COVID protocols, particularly for adult small groups.  A full list of the changes is below.  Given the potential for a holiday surge in COVID transmission and our continued open-door policy for all, the HCT decided the Advent season was not the time to deviate from the CDC guidelines for larger indoor gatherings, such as worship services. 

The Trinity HCT will continue to monitor relevant information, review survey results, and potentially review and revise these policies. 

COVID Protocols (Effective November 24, 2021)

While the CDC risk of COVID transmission in Henrico County remains above “Moderate,” masks remain required indoors at Trinity for all.

The following exceptions to this requirement have been approved (although wearing masks in all circumstances is still strongly recommended):

  • Small adult groups (with under 30 members) meeting indoors in Trinity classrooms can remove masks and share food, if it is the consensus of a group.  This exception does not apply to kid’s ministry or student ministry activities.
  • Worship leaders who submit proof of vaccination to the Church Office can remove their mask while speaking or singing. No testing is required.
  • Trinity staff can remove their masks if working alone in a confined space.