What are you needing to be cleansed of?

When Jesus goes into the temple and sees the money changers and those selling livestock, he was enraged. He drove them out in every gospel, and in John it says he used a whip! He then proceeds to teach those still there about what the temple is supposed to be, “My house will be called a house of prayer.” The temple he refers to in the Gospel of John is his own body, it will be destroyed and in three days it will be raised up. So, what does all of this mean for us? If our bodies are temples like Jesus’, then what do we need to rid them of to be houses of prayer?

I have terrible habits; staying up late at night, not being active enough, eating anything in sight to name a few… As we prepare ourselves for the rest of Holy Week, let’s think about the things in our lives that are prohibiting us from being houses of prayer, and how we can begin to change our lives so that we can be temples that are raised up, to be beacons of hope in this life.

Does your life reflect the temple of our Lord?

Bryce Miller