It is you who light my lamp; the Lord, my God, lights up my darkness.

Psalm 18:28
a cross in light and shadows

Darkness is not usually associated with joy or happiness.  Children are often afraid of the dark.  Many people experience a seasonal depression when the days get shorter and the darkness comes earlier in the evening.  When people have lost a loved one or are in the depths of illness or depression, we speak of their dark days.  We prefer the light.  We can see better when there is light, and we feel better when there is light. 

All of us have experienced darkness in our lives.  Sickness, death, loneliness, broken relationships, fear, anxiety…all of these can bring darkness to our days.  We don’t relish this kind of darkness.  As Christians, however, we have hope because we know the Light of the World.  We know the One who lights up our darkness and lights our lamps.  God is our light!  Hallelujah! It is our responsibility to not only recognize the One who gives us light in our lives, but to share the light with others who are in the dark and don’t know how to find light.  The only thing worse than being in total darkness is feeling that there is no way out or no way to find the light.  Praise God that we know how to find our way out of darkness.  Let us share this amazing knowledge with the entire world. 

Deanna McCullough