the trinity sanctuary in morning light

Then about sunset a shout went through the army, “Every man to his city, and every man to his country!”

1 Kings 22:36

Ahab, the King of Israel was thought to be “more evil than all kings before him.”  This particular clash specifically targeted King Ahab so the King was disguised in battle when he was struck down unceremoniously by an errant poison arrow.   Upon discovering the surprise death of Ahab, soldiers of both Israel and Syria learned of their relief from battle and suddenly learned they were free to return home.

I can only imagine the overwhelming joy of returning home from war to embrace my loved ones.  In a world full of chaos, I surrender to God’s love to harness clarity, courage and direction.   God’s love lights my path through the example of Jesus and his selfless service and compassion for those in need.
There is great comfort in knowing God’s guidance is available anytime and anywhere, no matter the storm.  When I think of our sanctuary, I know the purpose of our Church is bigger than the sum of each of us. I’m beyond grateful for this community of friends and neighbors whose hearts and minds transform the lives of others.

Lauren Noonkester