What does it mean to be a part of something? Have you ever longed to just fit in or to feel like you have found your place? These are questions that I struggled with throughout my life, and even have difficulty with them now. If you have had questions around where you belong or who you belong to, join me on this journey of discovering what true belonging might be.  “A timely and important new book that challenges everything we think we know about cultivating true belonging in our communities, organizations, and culture.”

The incredible author Brene Brown has written an interesting book titled, “Braving the Wilderness, the Quest for true belonging and the Courage to Stand Alone”. We will take 5 weeks to discuss some of the questions that Brene asks in this book. It will begin on Tuesday, May 5 at 7 PM. The meeting will be under an hour and will feature introspection, small group discussion and weekly challenges. If this is something that excites you or your family, it will be open to all ages, and I encourage you to do this with someone who you can hold each other accountable!

You do not need to purchase the book if you are interested in participating (but it is a great read!). If you have any questions please feel free to call, text or email Bryce Miller! I look forward to this journey together.