kids playing

On Sunday, January 5 we began our new Sunday morning and evening schedule. Our Sunday morning worship times remain the same but our services have changed a bit. 

8:15: Our Early Service at 8:15 has become a relaxed, liturgical service. It is still traditional, but with changes and a variety of music. It is a 45-minute service ending at 9:00. Kids worship in the sanctuary with their families.

9:30: Our Modern Service at 9:30 continues to be it’s joyful, energetic self with weekly communion, combining the ancient with the modern. Kids worship at Kids Church in the chapel.

11:00: Our Traditional Service at 11:00 remains liturgical with some tweaking and enhanced musical offerings. Kids begin worship in the sanctuary and then move to Kids Church in the chapel.

Students worship at their preferred service and are encouraged to help serve at a service in a second hour in as acolytes, in the choir, in the band, as ushers, as greeters, or helping lead Kids Church.

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