December 2021

Pastor’s Corner

“The voice of one crying out in the wilderness: ‘Prepare the way of the Lord, make his paths straight.’”

Luke 3:4

If I am right you are receiving this edition of the Window either at the very end of November or the beginning of December. The “holiday season” is upon us again. This one will be a little different: COVID restrictions (but much improved over last year!), supply chain problems that complicate everything, inflation, possible travel problems.

What will your December look like? Even in the midst of traditions we cherish it could very easily be full of stress, demands, busyness and obligations of cultural norms. (Have you ever experienced the feeling of relief when the holidays are over?) But in this spiritual wilderness there is a voice crying, “Prepare the way of the Lord, make his paths straight.” That is to say that there is another way.

Take a deep breath. Slow down, and commit yourself to a holy and intentional Advent.

Here are some simple tips:

  • Use our Advent Devotion daily. Nothing could be easier. Couple it with a prayer. Those few moments can make a huge difference in your day.
  • Look for signs of God every day. It may be in the beauty of creation. It may be in the face or voice of a loving person. It may be in a situation. It might come from reading your Bible. To see God, you have to be open and looking for God.
  • Share with those in need. Nothing can soften our hard hearts quicker. In this time of inflation, the food bags are more important than ever.
  • Our Advent offering supports UMFS (United Methodist Family Services), how worthy is this agency serving the most vulnerable children in Virginia.

The holiday season is upon us again. But so is the holy season of Advent. What will your December look like?

Wishing you a holy and blessed Advent & Christmas,

Pastor Larry