Keyboard and pen with "Update from Pastor Hung Su" written on card.

Trinity Family, I’m sharing this pastor’s corner on behalf of pastor Larry. I would think that many of you heard about Larry’s accident that happened a week ago at his son’s house. He fell, broke his two ribs, and fractured his ankle and wrist and the orbital socket of his left eye. I visited him
last week. Even though he looks terrible with black bruises on his face, he is in good spirits and on the right track with healing.

We are thankful that this accident is not life-threatening and we all agree that life is fragile, and you never know. Larry appreciates all of your prayers and cards. He thanks the stitchers for the beautiful prayer quilt that they shared with him. He does feel our strong support and love. He also
wants to say, “Thank you!”

Please continue to pray for him for healing and Amy as she takes care of him. No visits or phone calls would be helpful at this time. Cards, emails, and prayers are much appreciated as a way to lift him up. Please refer to Trinity staff and me for any questions related to the life of the church.

We’ll do our best to communicate with you in terms of our ministries and missions. Trinity has been blessed to relaunch its ministries outdoors and indoors since June 6. We will continue to adopt a Summer schedule for Sunday mornings (9:00 AM Outdoor Worship, 10:00 AM Discipleship Hour, 11:00 AM Indoor Worship). We will keep our current protocols for indoors and outdoors with the guiding principles: Do no harm. Do Good. Stay in love with the Lord.

We have exciting news about student ministry. Jenna Bush will join our church family as the Director of Student Ministries this summer. She has been serving in youth ministry for 14 years and is a graduate of Eastern University with a degree in Youth Ministry and Biblical Studies. She is married and has two young children, ages 3 and 1. We’ll have an official time to welcome her and her family this summer. Please pray for her and her family in this time of transition.

We have come a long way through God’s grace, navigating new ways to participate in God’s redemptive works for the community and people. We give thanks to God for all that God has done for us and will continue to strive to be a vibrant church that would reflect the kingdom of God. That’s why we need to be together to support and encourage each other. People need to feel God’s welcome, experience God’s love, and find life meanings beyond life fragility. I believe that a community of faith can do that through lifting up songs and prayers and reminding each other of faith that tells us about who God is as our creator, redeemer, and sustainer and who we are as God’s children. Let us continue to have faith and trust in the Lord.

Trinity staff is always open for dialogues that would help us grow in God’s love and discern God’s vision for our ministries and mission. We’ll offer opportunities for us to share our hopes and dreams this summer. We thank God for you.

God bless you!
Hung Su Lim