Student Ministry Events

Student Events

Come chill with us!

Every month we have a series of different events throughout the year like; small group meetings, retreats, lock-ins, bible studies, pastoral led classes, confirmation, fun nights out and much more. Sign up for our weekly email to stay informed on all events and activities.

We also have livestream (video) and phone options for Sunday Worship.


Events Coming Soon:

Winter Lock-In

On Friday, February 14, we will gather in the Welcome Center at 8:00 PM for our Winter Lock-In. We will gather for a time of worship and then go into a night of fun and fellowship. We will play all of your favorite lock-in games, as well as doing a couple of new and interesting things that you will definitely enjoy. Pick up will be at 7:00 AM on Sunday, February 15 in the Welcome Center. There is no cost for this Lock-In and is a great opportunity for you to invite friends!

Spring Retreats

We will have two retreats this Spring, one for our middle school students and one for our high schoolers. 

Middle School

The middle school retreat will be on March 13-15. Journey is run by the Jeremiah Project and is designed specifically for middle schoolers and takes place at the amazing Rockbridge Retreat Center! Check out more info here.

High School

The high school retreat will be April 17-19. This retreat will be centered around the table, and more specifically serving each other! Don’t miss out on lots of hands-on time in the kitchen learning to cook.