students together in a group while working at shalom farms


We cannot do this without you!

Are you interested in mentoring and walking with students on their faith journey? Then this is the place for you! We have many opportunities for you to get engaged with the next generations and help them to grow in life and faith. With a variety of levels of commitment, we have a place for everyone to volunteer, even the busiest of people! 

Sign Up to Serve on Sundays!

Trinity Students Adult leaders are an essential part of what helps make our youth feel comfortable, safe, and welcome at our Student Ministry.  Thank you for supporting our students!  Every kid deserves and needs to have adults who support them and encourage them. Thank you for making sharing your time and faith with Trinity Students a priority! 

Child Protection

Thank you for serving Trinity and becoming compliant with Trinity's Child Protection Policy (TCPP).

This policy has been put in place to protect both children and adults that are on Trinity's premises.

You can download a PDF copy of Trinity's Child Protection Policy here.

There are three steps to completing this process.

  1. Print and fill out the Trinity Screening form (one time only). Then make a clear and legible copy of your driver's license - using the 'Photo' setting on a copier works best. Bring the completed forms and the copy of your license to Trinity and place them in the Confidential Lock Box in the reception area.
  2. Please go to our page on ProtectMyMinistry.com and fill out the required form (every five years). An email will be sent to us letting us know this has been completed.
  3. Please complete the online Trinity's Annual Child Protection Training (click on link to complete) each year. This will take about 20 minutes and when you're finished, an email will be sent to a TCPP monitor notifying them that your training is complete. Thank you for your participation.

If you have questions concerning our Child Protection Policy, please contact Kim Tingler.