SWAG-OutsideAll can agree that Trinity is beautiful at Christmas, but if you have not seen Trinity during S.W.A.G., the Summer Week of Awesome Games, then you have missed it at its finest. If you look closely at this photo, you will see why.

What is SWAG, anyway? It is four nights of faith, fun and fellowship run by youth for youth. The inspiration for this week of games came after recognizing that Trinity’s youth feed from more than twenty local schools. That is correct, more than twenty! SWAG came about to give these teens from all over Richmond four days of togetherness to foster friendships and connections in a way that an hour a week in Sunday School or youth group couldn’t.

What makes SWAG awesome? First of all it is free and there is no registration process. All are invited. Friends are invited. Teens may come one night or all four. There is no pressure. SWAG is about free will.

Secondly, there are only three rules and they are based on Matthew 22:37-39. SWAG rules state we will Love God, Love Each Other, and Respect the Property. When youth do these three things there is no need for more rules.

Third, SWAG invites teens to do what they are not allowed to do at home! Activities over the years have included food fights, a human sundae obstacle course, a giant slip ‘n slide, a Guinness world record attempt, Tag played with finger paint, cooking, graffiti, and the annual favorite….driving lessons for middle school-aged students.

And lastly, SWAG is awesome because our loving Father is at the center of it. Good clean messy Christian fellowship is what makes it a week of awesome games.

Yes, Christmas wreaths and lights on our church are beautiful indeed. But when the grounds of Trinity are filled with young people running, screaming and growing together spiritually, that’s when Trinity is the most beautiful.

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