A few weeks ago, we put out a call for some help with assorted projects around the church. The goal was two-fold—perhaps
remove some boredom from COVID-19, and yes, we will admit to selfishly help out this old church building and its grounds.

The first person to reach out to us was one of our youth, Drew Thompson. Drew, who will be a rising senior at the Steward
School, came by two mornings with his power washer.

Both days, Drew worked for four hours. He focused on the brick sidewalks, walls, and steps where Trinity Preschool parents drop off and pick up their children in front of the Welcome Center. It is amazing how water, pressure, and expertise from Drew can transform soiled brick. That area looks 100% better.

Many thanks Drew for your time, energy, and effort. We also thank his parents for raising such a nice, polite, and hardworking
young man.

And finally, a note of thanks from the bricks and mortar. Drew, they said to tell you they feel less dingy now, and they can actually see better with all that grime gone.