2019 Logo Revealed

The Church Council has approved a new logo to replace our current three-circle logo.

The Logo Design Process

Balcony Trinity Window
This window, located in the Trinity balcony, served as inspiration for Trinity’s new logo.

Last Fall Pastor Larry asked Kim Johnson, our Communication Consultant for logo concepts with which we could identify as we move forward. Kim used the Trinity Window (over the balcony in the sanctuary) as an inspiration. The logo she designed is thus connected to the name of our church. The triangle and three intertwined circles is an ancient symbol of the Holy Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Using the Trinity Window as an inspiration speaks of our roots and heritage, while the modern interpretation of it invites us into a bold future. Thanks also to Bonnie Andrews, Nell Chesley and Nell Smith who added final color selections and a finishing touch. We will begin using our Trinity logo this month.

Trinity’s Old Logo