Unstuck Consultation

Consultation with the Unstuck Group

What is this Consultation?
Over the next year Trinity will examine and assess our ministries with the services of the Unstuck Group, Inc. (The name “Unstuck” refers to the tendency of churches to fall into long-term patterns of behavior and life that can become familiar but less and less effective over time. Churches become “stuck.” The Unstuck Group helps churches examine their ministries, focus on their mission, develop a plan and get “unstuck.”

Why are we doing this?
In the past Trinity has been bold in carrying out the work of the gospel and sharing God’s love with those in need. Over the last two decades we have experienced a decline in success. We believe that it is time to review and refocus our lives, strengthen our efforts and continue that legacy of boldness and faithfulness.

How was this approved?
After receiving a report last November from the Trinity Team that attended the Leadership Institute at the UM Church of the Resurrection in Kansas City, the Church Council approved the consultation last December.

Why the Unstuck Group?
The Unstuck Group has successfully worked with hundreds of churches of various sizes. Tony Morgan is one the best known church life consultants in the U.S. We vetted them and Pastor Larry spoke with several pastors of churches that have worked with them.

Who will be leading this?
The consultants asked us to form of team of 8-12 church leaders to work with them directly. After much prayer and being intentional to develop a team the was balanced in terms of gender, age and our three worship services, a twelve member team consisting of four staff members and eight lay leaders was named. They are:

Sandy Berry, Anne Marie Blackmon, Gray Booker, Dave Clelland, Stephanie Ford, Melissa Holmes, Larry Lenow, Bryce Miller, Bill Pike, Becky Roish, Debbie Stocks, and Drew Willson

How will this work?
Our Leadership Team will be meeting monthly with the consultants. Each step along the way information will be shared with the congregation. Several Information Meetings where you can ask questions and offer opinions are being planned as well. (Stay tuned!) Ultimately recommendations and proposals will be offered to the Church Council for consideration.

When does this start?
Over the past month we have been providing detailed information about the life and ministries of the church to the Unstuck Group. A “secret shopper” worshipper will experience a Sunday morning at Trinity.

In March we will meet with our consultant for the first time for a “Church Health Assessment.”

What can I do?
First of all, pray! This is all about serving God faithfully. We believe that this process can lead us to a stronger, brighter future! There is so much need in the world, we absolutely have to offer our best. Then, as this consultation starts taking shape, no doubt new opportunities that we do not see will arise.

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