Veterans Day: Wednesday, November 11, 2020

This year, the Outreach Class will not host its annual Veterans pancake breakfast. Our class has enjoyed being a small part of what our Veterans have given to our country through their service and leadership.

Listed here are the Veterans who over the years have notified us of their service to America. Also, we list our Veterans who passed away this year. Our Trinity Veterans are so quiet and humble that often we do not learn of their service until we read their obituaries.

On this Veterans Day, we hope if you have a family member, neighbor, friend, or a stranger wearing a hat indicating a branch of the American service that you will take the time to acknowledge and thank the Veteran for his or her service.

US Marines:

Kevin Bauer                       Matt Benton                       Jake Boyd

Mike Cross                         Barry Dodson                     Mark Leep

Jake Lupton                        Bowen Richwine                Raleigh Shelton

Robert Skipper                   Phillip W. Terry

US Army:

Jay Aldredge                      Joe Andrews                       Walker Armole

John Bartholomew             Scott Bartholomew            Richard Bauer

Sandy Berry                       Dick Burch                         Lou Cei

Billy Cocke                        Mike Dishman                   Mac Elledge                      

William Goode                   John Hamilton                    John Henderson                

David Hickman                  Austin Jones                       Trey Jordan, III                                 

Jody McWilliams               Burnett Miller, III               Samuel Mottley                 

George Norris                    Jay Robinson                      Pam Rockhold                   

James Shannon, Jr.             Clint Smith                         Kirk Spitzer                       

A.D. Stuart                         John Taylor                        Joseph Thompson             

Joseph Toler                       Michael Vines                    Bud Vye                             

John Warman                     Richard Warren                  Clay Whitley                     

Jim Woody

US Navy:

Howard Armole                 Letcher Barnes                   Ken Beck

Ken Cardoza                      Hodges Hastings                George King

Clayton Leep                      Megan Boyd Nichols         Lin Niedermayer

Jeff Samuel                         Harold Tanquary

US Air Force:

Jeffrey Allen                      Scott Boehm                       David Bratton

Spec Campen                     Bill Center                          Bill Cridlin

F. Douglas Dillard             Larry Girvin                       Norman Groff

Roger Hart                          Mike McGinnis                  Tom Rockhold

In Memory: Richard Forrester, George Habel, Shep Hanner

Thanks to Don Floyd for this musical offering.