A pandemic certainly changes things that we usually do. The ways of celebration look different this year. However, it is always a joy and a blessing to welcome new members.

Trinity joyfully welcomes four-family units that consist of seven transferring members and four children in the English congregation and fifteen family units that consist of twenty-four transferring members and thirty-five children in the Swahili/French congregation. In sum, we have received thirty-one new members with thirty-nine children.

Since August, we had Discovering Trinity, which is a four-week new membership class. We have talked about God, humanity, faith community, and life. It was such a blessing to share our faith together and how God has impacted our lives. We truly learned that when we do that in the name of our Lord, we reaffirm our beliefs through the Christian fellowship and acknowledge that we are all part of the one body of Christ. Technically, we had to have two different classes because of the language difference. One of Trinity members, Vianney Kayimbula, translated the whole conversation for the Swahili/French session. We especially thank him for his help with that. 

As we praise and give thanks to God for the new members, I commend these persons to your love and care. Let us do all in our power to increase their faith, confirm their hope, and perfect them in love.

English Congregation:

Joyce Winters, Sara and Thomas Hall (children: Julia and Martha), Alison and Daniel Keefe (child: Declan), Aaron and Brandy Miller (Child: Zadie)

Swahili/French Congregation:

Rugoheza Kahihimo and Machozi Adeline (child: Helena Rugoheza)

Nadeje Kamwanya and Habimbi Heritie Habulo (child: Nkulu Habulo)

Ngoie Jonathan Kamwanya and Alice Eliza Mukuma

Henry Kambilo and Marie Niyingeneye (children: Guylain Abel Kambilo and Ariel Kambilo, Archange Kambilo, Alexandrine Kambilo, Ashlay Kambilo)

Moza Bwami and Christine Moza (child: Furana Kazadi)

Rona Veronique (children: Bela Khadiga, Marie Khadiga, Francois Khadiga, Rene Khadig, Vanessa Khadiga)

Abedi Shishi and Neema Ngeoya (children: Abedi Shishi, Matthew Shishi, Remi Shishi, Madelene Washishi, Benjamin Shishi, Mariane Abedi, Sela Abedi)

Dhabiti Olengabo and Leontine Mawazo Mwenebato (children: Anastasia Mwatumu, Razidi Dhabiti, Grace Zabiti, Fabien Dhabiti, Mwenebato Dhabiti)

Kizenge Milandu (children: Ighacio Sentime, Jeanson Sentime, Brian Bampande)

Sandra Kaja and Bitota Kayembe (children: Mbuyi Ortehin Kayembe, Divine Kayembe, Suzane Kayembe, Israel Kongi)

Yannick Kambilo (child: Junior Yannick)

Olive Kambilo and Byamungu Kevin (child: Emmanuel Lunanga)

Jeanpierre Kambilo and Dorothy Arineitwe

Robert Fiama and Godwin Yumba

Please watch our celebration of the reception of the new members at Trinity Viemo channel (https://vimeo.com/458977584)

If you wish to become a member of Trinity UMC, please join Discovery Trinity Class in Nov. and let Pastor Hung Su Lim know (hslim@trinityumc.net). The details will be announced soon.