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Even though our building is basically closed because of the pandemic, we still must make decisions related to opening and closing based upon winter weather conditions.

The Trinity Preschool will follow closing announcements from Henrico County Public Schools.

Even in this virtual environment, school systems will be making winter weather closing decisions.

For Trinity staff, community groups, and vendors who supply services to Trinity, we will basically follow Henrico County Public Schools closing announcements.

However, there is a slight difference. If everything comes together properly for snow removal, Trinity might be able to reopen quicker. This all depends upon our ability to clear our sidewalks and parking lots. If we can clear these areas and safely get people into the building, then we might be able to reopen a bit earlier than a large school system.

Winter weather could also impact the broadcast of Sunday worship services. This would be true if it is too dangerous to bring in Trinity staff or if we had a power outage.

As in the past, we will communicate closing and schedule adjustments via our website, social media, phone message in the church office, and local news media outlets.

If you have additional questions, please e-mail Bill Pike: