We meet on the second Tuesday of each month at 2:00pm in the Welcome Center. Please come join us!

We recently had a day trip to Riverside Theater We will see “Nunsense”, starring Sally Struthers (a musical comedy)

We had a meet and greet and get to know our new minister, Rev. Brian Siegle, in the Welcome Center on July 19. We had have some mingling, conversation time, a brief update, and then Brian will tell us about himself, his ministry, and perhaps his goals for his work at Trinity. 

Day Trips scheduled for 2022:
Carter’s Mountain and lunch at Michie Tavern
Holocaust Museum and lunch
Tour of Maymont Mansion and lunch

Wayne Bullis, Chair, and The YAH Steering Committee:
Nancy Owen, Terri Royster, Hildie Bottom, Betty Allen, Ann Jones, Callie Stuart, Dan Nichols, Lola Jean Nichols, Jim Crowder and Judy Oguich