Local Experiences

Parent’s Night Out

On December 14, 2018, we will help out with the Parents Night Out event. This is a time for parents to finish up last minute details for Christmas without having to work around their kids. You can work with kids from infancy all the way up to 5th grade. The night will be a mixture of facilitating different activities, and eating dinner. The kids parents pay money for them to stay with us, and the money raised goes towards our youth mission experiences. If you work the Parents Night Out event, the money raised will go to offset YOUR mission trip balance, depending on the amount of kids, this could potentially pay for your whole trip.

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Week Long Experiences

March 31- April 6 Spring Break Mission Trip
Redbird, Kentucky

This is a year-round work opportunity for volunteers in mission and service-minded groups. Redbird Work Camp strives to provide home repair for low-income community residents and maintenance for Mission buildings and grounds. Some examples of work projects are roof replacement, small room additions, painting, building porches or ramps, and groundskeeping. Other light duty work is available such as, office work, craft and community store helpers, and recycling. A single fee covers the cost of each person’s lodging, meals, and materials used.

In addition to providing mission opportunities, we strive to provide an atmosphere where participants grow spiritually and gain a personal understanding of mission. Evenings are spent in Christian fellowship and learning about the diverse ministries of Red Bird Mission.

This is a trip for any age group, 6th through 12th grade. We will leave on Sunday March 31, and return on Saturday, April 6.

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June 21-29 HS Mission Trip
Decatur, Alabama

We will return to The Church at Stone River for a week of relational missions with the students at that church. During this trip we will do a variety of different activities to help the community in Decatur. This could be anything from doing home construction, running a VBS, or helping out with community events. In addition to mission work, we will be engaging in impactful worship and learning opportunities in the evenings and during our down time.

This trip will be for rising 9th graders and up. We will leave on Friday, June 21 at 4 PM and return on Saturday, June 29 by 7:00 PM.

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July 7-13 MS Mission Trip
Fayetteville, NC

We will be working with the UMCOR Disaster Response team of the North Carolina Conference to help those affected by Hurricane Florence and Matthew. This could look like a variety of situations, we could be helping with cleanup, working with people distributing necessities, or doing home repair projects. We will be working with Stephanie Hunt, who before moving to NC to work as a disaster response coordinator, worked for the Virginia Conference in the recovery of the Evergreen community after the tornadoes that devastated that community.

This trip is for Middle School students, as well as a handful of high school students. We will leave on Sunday, July 7 after worship and return on Saturday, July 13 at 1:00 PM.

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July 20-27 Richmond Mission Trip
Richmond, VA

This is an amazing opportunity to fully realize that we are called to be in mission in our own community. We will be hosting the youth group from the Church at Stone River. Together we will be serving the people of Richmond like we will be doing for the people of Decatur. This is a week that is no different from our other trips. With that being said, we will be staying at Trinity all week and participating in mission, learning, and worship together as a large group. There will be no coming and going, if you can not stay all week, then unfortunately you will not be able to participate.

This is for all middle and high school students from Saturday, July 20 through Saturday, July 27.

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