Kids Camp

As a result of COVID-19, we are not going to be able to have Kids Camp this summer as we had envisioned it.  However, we are going to be offering a Virtual Kids Camp experience this summer!  We are excited about this opportunity to connect with kids and their families!

We are asking families to register so that we can create a take-home kit for them to pick up at the church the week before our Kids Camp goes live!  We will hold our Virtual Kids Camp the week of July 20th (Mon.-Thurs.); however, the videos will remain on the website through August so that families have the flexibility to participate when it works best for their schedule!  

Here are the Details:
-Kits with all needed supplies and directions for all activities will be available for pick-up at church the week of July 13th.
-Prerecorded videos will go live each day at 9:00 am on the Trinity website, but can be viewed at any time. These are designed to be fairly independent and will last for about an hour and will include music, games, and bible stories.
-Daily activities will be provided that you will complete with your child.
-We will be providing Zoom sessions each day at 3 pm to allow for fellowship and reflection.
-These activities are geared at an elementary school-age level; however, kids older and younger can participate.
-Virtual Kids Camp is free. You may give a donation to go towards the cost of supplies (suggested donation is $10). 

What could virtual Kids Camp look like for you? Here are just a few ideas:

  • A small group of families pick one week this summer to meet up each morning. You spend an hour or so watching the video of the day, doing the game and craft that are in each box, and praying together. Then, the kids get to play in the yard while the adults catch up on lost fellowship time.
  • There are a couple of other families in your neighborhood that you’d like to get to know better. You invite them to a Friday Night Kids Camp series. Each Friday you get together for dinner or dessert (easy now that you’re a pro at curbside pick-up), followed by Kids Camp time.
  • You have really missed those grandkids, so you plan for them to stay with you for a few days in July or August. You have a Kids Camp kit for each one and space out the lessons so that they get to do all 4 “days” in whatever time they are with you.
  • You have a heart for reaching out into the community to people who wouldn’t normally set foot inside a church building. You see this as an excellent opportunity to bring Kids Camp out to those kids, so you decide to brainstorm ways to do that.