Connect with a new Small Group this year!

We are getting people connected to each other and to God through new small groups. These small groups will meet regularly to share four simple practices from Acts 2:42:

  • devotion to apostles’ teachings (Bible study/application)
  • fellowship
  • breaking bread (sharing a meal)
  • prayer

Why small groups? If you feel disconnected these days, you’re not alone. United Methodist church leaders Jacob and Rachel Armstrong write, “Strangely, even though technology has given us many more ways of connecting, people now report higher levels of loneliness and despair than ever before. Anxiety runs rampant, depression leaves us cold and dark.”[1]

To begin connecting with a small group, please fill in this information about your availability and how we can contact you.

If you have additional questions, please contact Pastor Hung Su Lim (

[1] Armstrong, Jacob and Rachel. The Connected Life: Small Groups that Create Community. Abingdon Press. 2017. p. 7.

Small Groups

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