even the darkness will not be dark to you; the night will shine like the day, for darkness is as light to you.


Psalm 139:12


light coming through treesAs winter approaches, we are very aware of the increasing darkness in the evening sky. Knowing what we modern humans have learned about science and astronomy, we do not fear the darkness. As the sun sets, we simply see a transition from day into nighttime. We know that God has planned everything for our planet and the universe. God will keep us safe.

In ancient times people feared darkness and looked to God to bring light into the darkness. The maker of all things could see darkness as light and protect us from the evils of the night. The birth of Jesus would bring light to the many who feared no one cared about them and who felt there was no one to help them. Jesus would bring God closer to us by modeling ways to express love for Him. We are His followers and instruments to help others, even those we do not know personally.

As we draw close to the darkest days of the year, we need to bring light to others just as God found light in darkness. Our purpose is not to try to hide in darkness to conceal our faults but to allow God to see us and help us become better people. With his messages, Jesus helps us to shine.

Harriet Thomas

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